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Orca Rescues Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a global fund to facilitate the release and rehabilitation back to the wild or near-wild of Orca and other cetaceans in captivity and to give support to specialists, scientists and organisations working to achieve this.

What We Do

Orca Rescues Foundation  are constantly working and planning for the day when captive dolphins and whales are given a better life.  It's time to end the barbaric treatment of these sentient creatures carried out in the name of entertainment and profit.

Sanctuaries are the way forward for cetaceans in captivity, we actively work with the experts that are working to free captive cetaceans and help them transition back to their natural environment where possible.

Orca Rescues are working closely with, and raising funds to provide grants to the experts and advisors who are dedicated to working and planning for the day when captive cetaceans are given a better life.

Plan Rescues

Prepare rescues 

Carry out rescues


Thank you for what you do, my eyes are open and I will raise awarenessKelly- Orca rescues JustGiving page

Whales & Dolphins should be swimming freely in the oceans, not going insane inside concrete tanks in places like SeaWorld. Some of them have shown such aggression and captive frustration that it's resulted in the deaths of their trainers.

We support the specialists to return them to freedom.

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